Wedding Photographer in Tofino

Since I work half the year as a wedding photographer in Tofino, and half the year as a wedding photographer in Tamarindo, I get to expereince two very different working environments. During my season in Tamarindo, it does not rain. There is almost a 0% chance of it raining on someones wedding day when they book their wedding from December to April. Weddings in Tofino, are a whole other story. Being a wedding photographer in Tofino means being prepared, for any type of weather. It can be sunny, foggy, bright blue sky or dark grey sky, it can be windy or raining or POURING. Being prepared is the key as a wedding photographer in Tofino. Foggy backdrops can create some of the most beautiful, dra

Wedding Photography in Tamarindo

Being a wedding photographer in Tamarindo, people often ask me if I ever get tired of photographing destination weddings. My answer is always: NO! I absolutely love my job as a photographer and I love photographing weddings in Tamarindo and other places in Costa Rica. There is something very special about participating in someones wedding and being able to document the feelings, emotions and events of the day. I simply am in love with photographing love. I am so grateful that I get to be a photographer for weddings in Tamarindo, and I am so excited about the start of my wedding season.

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