Wedding Photographer in Tofino

Since I work half the year as a wedding photographer in Tofino, and half the year as a wedding photographer in Tamarindo, I get to expereince two very different working environments. During my season in Tamarindo, it does not rain. There is almost a 0% chance of it raining on someones wedding day when they book their wedding from December to April. Weddings in Tofino, are a whole other story.

Being a wedding photographer in Tofino means being prepared, for any type of weather. It can be sunny, foggy, bright blue sky or dark grey sky, it can be windy or raining or POURING. Being prepared is the key as a wedding photographer in Tofino. Foggy backdrops can create some of the most beautiful, dramatic photos ever! And even it's its raining a little bit, the photos can be incredibly romantic. As a photographer in Tofino as well as Tamarindo, I get to shoot in a variety of weather which makes me a better photographer overall.