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Favourite Restaurants in Tofino

I have been living and working as a wedding photographer in Tofino now for a few years and I think it's safe to say that I completely adore great food, luckily Tofino has a lot of it. There are a few places that I can't imagine my life without so I guess I will have to live here forever. Here are my top six picks.

This restaurant is so good that I could probably eat here every day for the rest of my life and be totally happy. Their menu changes regularly and unique creativity is poured into every dish. Their cocktail list doesn't fall short either, my personal favourite is their cedar sour. They make most of their dishes with local fare that is foraged on and around the island. Whether it was brunch, happy hour or dinner, every single time I've eaten at Wolf In The Fog, I've had an amazing experience that I relish in for days afterwards.

With an array of vegetarian and vegan options on the menu, SoBo really captures my heart as one of the absolute best restaurants in Tofino. They also have a wood fire pizza oven and the pizzas are pretty mouth wateringly outstanding. I like sitting at the bar and ordering a little bit of everything to share because there are just too many delicacies on the menu. Another secret about SoBo is that there desserts are to die for. Their pie, their cookies, their everything sweet, will win over your taste buds.

Kuma is a Japanese fusion joint with a super cozy and comfortable atmosphere. I always order the same thing and always exceeds my expectations, the veggie udon soup. They have many other great dishes which can be shared among friends and their happy hour menu is also divine.

This restaurant is exactly it's the name implies. It is always open, it's always warm and cozy and the food and drinks are always good. They have a covered, heated outdoor patio that is open year-round perfect for hanging out with friends and dogs (yes the patio is dog friendly!). All the food is tasty but I usually go for the surf bowl, a combination of stir fried vegetables, pickled cabbage and rice.

This cute little wine bar-feeling restaurant is located in the town of Ucluelet and is most definitely worth the drive from Tofino. The food is overwhelmingly delectable and the plates are great for sharing so you can taste a few different things which you will want to because everything is really good. The staff is well educated and worldly when it comes to wine pairings and they always get it exactly right.

Also located in Ucluelet, this pizza place is unreal. I have eaten a lot of pizza in a lot of different countries and no other can compare to Abbondanza. You can eat in or take out, I usually get a margherita and eat it at the beach with my girlfriends after a surf and there is nothing quite like it. their crust is sourdough which is unique and gives it the ultimate melt in your mouth flavour. I cannot recommend this place enough. Seriously good pizza.

Image courtesy of Abbondanza

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