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How to Eat and Drink Like a Local in Tofino & Ucluelet

One of the best things about visiting Tofino & Ucluelet is all of the amazing food! There are so many great places to eat and drink, it's unbelievable. I did a blog post last year on my favourite restaurants in Tofino but this is a more in-depth look at certain items on the menu as well as some handy advice on how to experience Tofino & Ucluelet's food scenes like we do as locals!

Ok, so I know I've raved about this place in other posts but I have to rave again. This restaurant is my go-to favourite place of all time. Breakfast, lunch, happy hour and dinner, they have it all. If you want the local experience, head down for happy hour from 3- 5 pm. They have a couple of menu items (including a vegetarian option) available and local beers for a discounted price. If you like tasty things, I would recommend the kale and grain salad with a Tofino blonde ale.

Zoe is an actually angel sent from the heaven's to provide us with the most delicious food ever. When I go to Zoe's in Ucluelet, I want EVERYTHING. I always end up with several items "for later" which usually end up getting eaten right then and there or half an hour later when I can't stand to save them any longer. They have great coffee and their veggie sandwiches are out of this world. I haven't been there yet since getting back from Costa Rica but I heard they have a wicked new patio and they now have beer & cider too!

Also located in Ucluelet, the Floathouse is a floating restaurant! Right on the harbour, you can look out and admire all the boats and the setting sun as you sip a cold brew and munch on local fare. It is open-air so wear a warm jacket, but they also have blankets to keep you extra cozy. I always order the same thing, their super yummy veggie burger, but they have other burgers, seafood, pasta, salads, and the best fries in Ucluelet!

Three words—home made doughnuts. The Rhino Cafe makes their own doughnuts in house and they are to die for. Personally I adore the Josie jelly doughnut and an almond milk latte but, there are so many options you may have to get more than one until you find your personal favourite. Whats that? You are allergic to gluten and can't have doughnuts? Guess again, they even have a gluten free doughnut! The Rhino isn't just known for their doughnuts, all of their food is good. And if you are in a hurry to get to the beach, their kitchen and barista's are pretty quick so you won't be waiting long. But seriously, try the doughnuts. Please.

I am a fairly typical surfer. Meaning, when given the opportunity to eat an amazing burrito, I whole heartedly take it. The fish burrito at Tacofino is pretty high on my best burrito list, and it is hands down the best Canadian burrito on my list. Yes, I do have a best burrito list which I will gladly explain more about in a future food post. The tacos at Tacofino are really good too and they have many refreshing beverages as well. If you pull up to the Tacofino truck on a weekend and it's insanely busy, don't be scared away, it's worth the wait.

For more information about the best food in Tofino & Ucluelet or to book a photo session with me, please fill out my contact form. If you would like to see what I've been up to lately (other than chowing down on above food items) please have a look at my portfolio.

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