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Why Having a Destination Wedding in Tofino Is The Best

wedding photographer in Tofino

Destination weddings are a popular choice among couples who want a more intimate and unique wedding experience. Tofino is an incredible for couples seeking something different than a traditional wedding. We've put together our top reasons to have your destination wedding in Tofino.

The Landscape

Tofino's landscape is completely raw and rugged and exceedingly beautiful. Being a wedding photographer in Tofino, I am blessed with one of the prettiest studios in the world. There are endless amazing views and the variety is unreal. The beaches are seemingly endless and the colour of the water changes on a daily basis. Some days it is a rich green and others it is clear turquoise, some days there are big waves and others the water resembles a mirror, reflecting the clouds and colour of the sky. We get amazing sunsets and the lighting just before the sun dips below the horizon is perhaps the softest, most gorgeous lighting you have ever seen in your entire life. There is no place like Tofino when it comes to the landscape.

Outdoor Activites

Your wedding guests will be stoked on the availability of adventure activities that they can choose from during their visit in Tofino. There are whales and bear watching tours, boat trips to Hot Spring Cove, scenic flights, surf lessons and camps, sea kayaking and about a hundred other fantastic adventures that your friends and family can enjoy before and after the wedding.

Luxe Accommodations

Tofino boasts an array of great places to stay so you and your guests can choose what suits you the best. From beach front luxury hotels to cute cabins in the forest, Tofino has it all. There are plenty of options for location and amenities so your guests will feel at home and they can focus on enjoying their holiday.

Activities for the Non-Outdoorsy Type

We all have one friend or family member that cringes at the thought of being outside in the elements. And luckily Tofino is still an awesome place to visit even if you aren't interested in the outdoor aspects. We have several fabulous spas, a ton of word class restaurants and cafes, and cute boutique shops as well.

Unique Ceremony Locations

The best part about having a destination wedding in Tofino is that there are so many places to choose from when it comes to the actual ceremony location. We have a lot of different beaches, and if you would rather get married surrounded by huge trees and hundreds of ferns? That is possible too. If it's raining and you want an indoor ceremony? We also have an abundance of options for indoor ceremonies as well. Tofino has that small town feeling that we love but we also have so many options for you to choose from so that your destination wedding is exactly how you want it to be.

Experienced Vendors

Many of the wedding vendors in Tofino have years of experience when it comes to their art & trade and their work speaks for itself. The wedding vendors in Tofino are incredibly passionate and they strive to make every wedding unique and one-of-a-kind. Here in Tofino the vendors work together as a team to make your big day as special as it can possibly be.

If you are thinking of having a destination wedding in Tofino and have any questions, feel free to send us a note and we will guide you in the right direction.

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